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Frequently Asked Questions



Payday loans Why use them?

Let’s face it – everyone runs a little short on cash every now and then. We believe you should use a payday loan for emmergency situationhs where it might cost more in NSF fees or having a service disconnected like hydro etc.

There are no hidden fees - you pay an access fee each time you get cash.

To learn more about how Planet Loan Inc. works, keep reading or select one of these frequently asked questions:

How do I pay back My loans

  • Pay in full any time up to your due date.
  • Do nothing and we'll automatically deduct the minimum payment from your count on your  due date.
  • If you can't pay back in full right away, you can use our new Payment plan (Installment Loan).

What is Payment plan(Installment loan)?

 Try our new instalement loan, pay your loan over 4 payments instead of one.

When should I use Planet Loan?

Planet Loan can be a great way to handle cash emergencies and even save money by avoiding more expensive bank fees. Here are a few of the most common ways our customers use Planet Loan

Use Planet loan to NSF fees. Instead of a $35 bank fee or possible multiple NSF’s borrow from us it could cost you less.

Use Planet loan  to pay a bill on time. If you don't have the money when a bill is due, a Planet   Loan can help you for rent, car expenses, utility bills etc.

Remember, Planet Loan  is for short-term cash needs and isn't the right solution for every financial situation. Before you apply, always consider these lower cost options:

 * Borrow money from a friend, family member or your employer.

 * Request a payment extension from the company that sent you a bill.

 * Check with your bank or credit card provider to see if they can provide a lower cost credit option.

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